Wellsono's Ultrasound-on-Chip technology replaces the traditional transducer system with a single silicon chip,Our wireless ultrasound scanner Images are transmitted wirelessly to almost any iOS or Android smart  device via a point-to-point Wi-Fi connection,our company  was founded by experienced innovators who have played an instrumental role in the ultrasound scanner industry  in china. we deliver an ultra-portable system for medical professionals that does not compromise on image quality; to remove the cords that get in the way, and to make sure our App offers the flexibility to work reliably with both iOS and Android smart devices. Our wireless ultrasound scanner is so cute which you can carry anywhere any time .
our mission: Enable more clinicians to use wireless ultrasound to improve patient care. Make the ultrasound device can works with  iPhone&samsung smartphone at affordable price .Supply the best mini wireless ultrasound scanner with good image quality and more flexibility.

Wellsono: Better image quality ,Free APP ,Better Battery life and Affordable price.